"UMNO Have Changed"?!

Sabah Umno leader Bung Moktar Radin insists that Umno and BN have changed and are committed to a fairer, transparent, and trustworthy administration that will deliver on its promises to the people.

At the launch of his coalition’s Aku Janji campaign manifesto, he also asked the people to help save Sabah from the ‘disaster’ that was wrought by Chief Minister Shafie Apdal’s two years at the helm.

“We have tried this manifesto Aku Janji after seeing the new political norms not only in the peninsula but also in Sabah.

“We need to give something new to the people because the people of Sabah have suffered under the rule of Warisan for more than two years.

“Today, I would also like to explain that Sabah Umno and BN – we have changed. From our leadership, to skills, to our organisation.

“Why have we changed? Because we want to capture the hearts of the people and we want to convince the people to support us,” said Bung.

Our comment

This from the leader of a party that just last month was fully engaged in trying to stage yet another backdoor coup in the state, approaching state MPs with offers of millions and bags of cash to get them to defect from the parties they were elected to support.

This from a leader of a party that forms part of the federal backdoor government that took power earlier in the year by the exact same methods and had been using Covid as an excuse to clamp down ever since and prevent proper parliamentary scrutiny of its actions.

The power grabbers have meanwhile illegitimately handed themselves scores of lucrative positions and perks and have been caught time and again breaking all the stringent rules they have imposed on everybody else.

This from the local leader of the PN coalition that has been letting the likes of Musa Aman off his scores of corruption charges purely for political purposes and supported his attempts to seize back power and then overturn the governor’s decision to put the matter to the people persistently in the courts.

Bung and his pals have thrown Musa under the bus now the attempt has failed. But there is no evidence whatsoever that he and his scheming and corrupted allies have changed their ways one bit. To the contrary they have shown themselves to be the same old political crooks they always have been and reminded everyone of their tactics each and every day for the past few weeks.

As for ‘suffering’ under Warisan? This foul mouthed showman would do better to apologise for the dreadful suffering and incompetence so many poor people from East Malaysia have suffered the past few months thanks to the thoughtless, corrupt and incompetent management of PN’s response to Covid.

Muhyiddin Calls Sabah A "Poor State"

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today urged Sabahan voters to stick with the parties that hold federal power today.

Stressing that Sabah is a poor state, he said the people need an administration that has a close relationship with Putrajaya in order to solve their economic and development woes.

“Covid-19 is not over. And it’s not just that. The effect of this problem is the collapse of our country’s economy.

“One of the states that have it the worse is Sabah. Although Sabah had been a poor state before this, Covid-19 has landed more of its people in poverty.

That is why I want to say that simply forming a state government won’t solve all problems. The state government also needs support from, and have a close relationship, with the federal government,” said Muhyiddin.

Our comment

Correction: Sabah is not a poor but exceedingly rich state.

On the other hand most of its indigenous people are poor because the political parties that dominated in Malaysia, of which this ‘PM8′ has been a member for all but a fraction of his career, have stolen the riches from them.

Is this a recommendation to keep voting for these parties, particularly since the coalition which ‘PM8′ now leads barely holds power and has no majority and only exists because he ‘frogged’ in defiance of the electorate and his own promises?

‘PM8′ has attempted a well-worn line of blackmail used over the years by BN/UMNO/PN which is to warn that to vote for the opposition to the federal government will invite punishment and restricted funds. He indicates that Sabahans should therefore cower and be obedient like dogs in hope of scraps from the plunder of their own resources.

Perhaps, instead, it is time the people of this state showed their teeth and challenged those in federal government to show why they deserve Sabah’s vote by supporting the party that offers programmes for the people?

"High Profile Suspects"... With No Profile

The two company directors, who were further remanded on last Friday to facilitate the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigation into the allegation of falsifying claims on a ‘Jiwa Murni’ rural road project worth RM800 million, have been released on MACC bail.

The two company director’s release were confirmed by the duo’s counsels Shankar Ram, who represents the 44-year-old suspect, and Albert Tang, who represents the 42-year-old suspect.

“My client is released and we record our appreciation to MACC in their handling of the matter done professionally and my appreciation to learned DPP (deputy public prosecutor) S. Thangavelu and his team,” said Shankar when contacted by The Borneo Post here today.

Tang, when contacted said: “SPRM (MACC) released both suspects and court made an order of release.”

Both Shankar and Tang said their clients were released on MACC bail.

The two high profile suspects, with the ‘Datuk’ title, were placed on a two-day remand following their arrest in a special MACC operation here on last Tuesday.

Our comment

The management of this case becomes more sinister and totalitarian by the day.

The two ‘anonymous Datuk Businessmen’ have now been released on unspecified bail!

Not only are the toady Sarawak press keeping silent about who they are, but so is the entire Malaysian media it would seem.

The MACC it would appear are now empowered to go round arresting people without the information being released, holding them on unspecified bail. Who next and who will know if they disappear completely?

Or should this be regarded as special treatment for anonymous VVVVVVIPs suspected of lowly corruption? In which case, Najib, Rosmah, Musa and Zahid (and a score of other UMNO types and indeed thousands of Malaysian citizens) have cause for complaint that they could not also avail themselves of such secrecy.

Such gross abuse of due process can only have been ordered at the highest levels by this back-door government, which on the one hand has postured as piously ‘anti-corruption’ and yet on the other broken the fundamental rules of the constitution time and again to stay in office.

Everyone knows who these men are. What seems clear is their arrest is being used as a threat and blackmail against other targets of those abusers of power from on high for political purposes.

The law is not a weapon to be selectively applied or abused for retribution and revenge.  This is no way to run a government and this frog administration is proving itself a danger to the fundamental freedoms and way of life in Malaysia just like that of Najib Razak.

"Mother Of All Charges" Or Yapping Chiwawa?

Lim Guan Eng was charged in the Sessions Court in Butterworth today with wrongfully misappropriating two plots of land to two developers in Penang when he was the chief minister of Penang…

Lim is alleged to have caused the Penang Land Ownership Registrar to transfer the ownership of a plot of land in Bandar Tanjong Pinang to developer Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd on Feb 17, 2015, at the Land and Mines Department at Komtar….

Lim was charged with “wrongfully misappropriating” the land in question, worth RM135,086,094, to the developer.

Lim was also charged with “wrongfully misappropriating” [another plot of land] worth RM73,668,986, to the developer.

If convicted, Lim faces a jail term of not less than six months and a maximum of five years, plus whipping and fine. Lim claimed trial to both charges.

Outside the court, Wan Shaharuddin said the charges against Lim are “the mother of all charges”.

He said today’s charges were related to the first and second charges, which Lim faced in Butterworth and Kuala Lumpur last month, related to the controversial Penang Undersea Tunnel.

“We got the body, and now the tail,” Wan Shaharuddin said, adding that these were the last charges related to the Penang Undersea Tunnel project. Asked his chances of winning, the prosecutor said: “Our policy in AGC is that we only prosecute when we have a 99 percent chance of conviction.”

Our comment

If this DPP thinks his case is the “Mother of All Charges” he has clearly not been listening to what has been going on in Malaysia for the past several months as federal leaders and their wives have been caught up (and found guilty) in global scandals worth billions.

Guan Eng appears to have been verbally accused by a fellow who admits to being a briber and a liar of agreeing to an alleged 10% ‘profit bribe’ for a tunnel that has yet to be started in his state. The witness also claims he made some unrecorded cash donations to the chief minister for his party of several thousand ringgit (Musa Aman would snort) – the sort of donations he says he also made to UMNO politicians against whom no action has been taken.

Guan Eng is now being accused of using his authority to alienate necessary state land to this gentleman’s company following its winning of an open tender for the project in question. It is what the prosecutor describes as “the tail” to his tale. Slam dunk?

DPP Wan Shaharuddin clearly thinks so, since the law officer, who seems to adopt the language of a ball game commentator when referring to grave carriages of justice, announced to reporters that his department only prosecutes when it has a “99% chance of conviction”.

This ought to give Zahid and Najib pause. However, for those who believe in the rule of law and duty of the prosecution to support victims of crime such a statement is truly shocking.

To all intents and purposes it is an admission that the forces of law and order in Malaysia are unlikely to waste their time on a rape, burglary, violent act or fraud…… unless, the political circumstances are such that a conviction will be driven through.

That was the implication of what Wan Shaharuddin said, so perhaps his statement should be ‘clarified’ by those in charge of his department?

Meanwhile, it is noted and tragic that the cowering of Malaysian media by a back-door coup government has extended to a decision by the independent online publication Malaysiakini to close its comments section for this particular story, given the anticipation of public outrage it will provoke. The paper’s editors are being outrageously sued over previous comments with this desired effect.

Sarawak Report will not be silenced in criticising the appalling statements of this representative of Malaysia’s prosecution service and his inappropriate tone in the conduct of a serious matter of criminal justice.

Should he wish to talk about the “Mother of all Land Alienation Cases” he and his fellow prosecutors should turn their attention to the outrageous and pernicious alienations of native lands in Sarawak, featuring plunder and land grabs on a global scale by those politically in charge for their own personal gain to the tune of billions.

However, Taib and his cronies are key supporters of the back door coup government and so therefore presumably Wan Shaharuddin reckons he has nowhere near a 99% chance of a conviction?

Mystery Solved

Rizal explained that in 2012, Rosmah had ordered him to had established a team of cybertroopers — individuals employed to disseminate political propaganda on the internet — who were paid RM100,000 monthly and tasked with monitoring critical content on social media.

“This team was also responsible for countering and providing explanation to every slander, assertion and accusation towards Datin Seri Rosmah, to the public.

“The cybertroopers were operating on funds provided by Datin Seri Rosmah herself. She gave me RM100,000 cash every month to finance the team,’’ he said.

Rizal also explained that in his capacity as Rosmah’s special officer, he too had made statements to denounce or counter the negative narrative produced against her.

Our comment

The many illiterate internet attacks on SR are thus explained. As are the wild claims that SR is paid “millions” sometimes hundreds of millions by various (changing and conflicting) parties to reveal the corruption driving deforestation and ruining lives in Malaysia.

In terms of negative impact against Rosmah and Co’s corrupt agenda, SR’s publications have certainly undermined and countered the hundreds of millions of stolen cash that they have spent on bogus propaganda. Since they now face jail.

However, whilst these creatures claim that SR is being paid they have never once attempted to do the obvious were that the case and offer to buy SR off with a fraction of the money they have splurged on their own useless campaigns.

The answer being that they deep down know that truth cannot be bought.

UMNO & PAS Won't Accept Azmin As Boss Either

After decades of working with PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, Gombak MP Azmin Ali said he is now more comfortable cooperating with Umno or PAS.

The former PKR deputy president said that along with many ordinary Malaysians, he had become fed up with being dragged along in the rivalry for power between Anwar and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“The question often asked to me is, are you comfortable sitting with PAS and Umno? My answer is simple: ‘I am more confident sitting next to PAS and Umno, rather than sitting with Anwar.’

“It’s not like I have only known him for one or two days, (it has been) decades, (so) enough is enough,” Azmin was quoted as saying by Astro Awani.

The international trade and industries minister said the unhappiness had driven him to leave PKR and support the formation of a stable Perikatan Nasional government, capable of meeting the rakyat’s needs, under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Our comment

Azmin rarely visited Anwar whilst in jail as he was too busy building his power base and targeting his takeover of PKR. So, he was not “side by side” for years with his party leader, he schemed for years against him.

And all that while he has worked with his now open allies at UMNO and PAS. It was PAS who enabled him to push aside Anwar’s wife Wan Aziz, who had been his party’s choice for Menteri Besar when Anwar was forced in jail.

When he failed to challenge Anwar for the party leadership (having realised he would lose) after GE14 he then took himself off on a luxury holiday with Najib’s cousin and power-broker Hishamuddin to start scheming his defection just weeks after PH attained elected office.

By acknowledging he feels more comfortable with UMNO and PAS he admits what everybody already knows, that he is comfortable with institutionalised corruption and hypocrisy and money politics.

He was at the centre of the previous PH government, so any failures he cares to identify lie squarely at his own door. For the entire period he paralysed his party with his disloyal scheming and constant accusations – pretending to support Dr Mahathir against alleged ‘nagging’ from Anwar to assume his agreed succession, whilst in fact waiting his moment to bring down all his elected colleagues, thanks to his grooming of sad gullible members from East Malaysia who now find themselves (and their electors) offered second class status in an alliance of bigots and brigands.

Bribery And Blackmail

It would be better if the Sabah government is aligned with the Federal Government, says Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Imagine if Sabah is one with us (federal government), it would be better, ” he said when announcing some of the previous funding allocated to Sabah and developments brought to the state at a gathering with civil servants here on Saturday (Aug 29).

Muhyiddin added that Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal had been his friend for a long time and they had worked together before.

“I hope the message will reach the grassroots, the people out there, ” he said.

Our comment

The coup PM says he hopes his message will reach the grassroots. Indeed, he should have no fear, the world get’s his meaning.

He is seeking to threaten this state that it will have less of the ‘funding pie’ if it exercises its right to vote for the policies it prefers, rather than the Malay Muslim supremacist coalition that he heads.

Moo is seeking to blackmail the people of Sabah with a threat to withhold funding and for them to at the same time put their trust in the hands of a group of charged and convicted crooks, who have made clear they think non Malays and non Muslims are a lower form of life. Then, says Moo, the people of Sabah will be better off.

However, Moo and his political party have been making the same threats and promises for over 50 years, save for his short interlude at the reforming PH government, which he pulled the rug from under as soon as he saw his chance.

So, Sabah has plenty of experience to draw from when it comes from accepting the threats and promises of those who seek to overturn governments by buying over representatives who were elected to serve the other side.  UMNO did it before in Sabah and the prosperity of the local people has suffered ever since.

For the past weeks Muhyiddin’s men have been sneaking around in Sabah with bags of cash seeking to subvert MPs again, which is why the election has been called.

When Muhyiddin says there will be “more money” for Sabah if they support his government currently lacking a majority he means more money for politicians he needs to bribe. For decades this rich state has been stripped bare to make a few BN politicians rich and the people have got nothing.

Fat ‘projects’ may be handed out, but the money goes elsewhere and the projects lie undone. The people of Sabah have had decades of Muhyiddin and his party and their famous ‘money politics’.

They know they won’t see a single cent – except RM10 on election day.

The Humble Truth Brings Down Even The Mighty

Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had permitted the use of cheques from charitable organisation Yayasan Akalbudi to pay for his personal credit card bills and had also allowed the stamping of his signatures on the cheques, his former executive secretary told the court today.

Testifying as the 90th prosecution witness, Major Mazlina Mazlan @ Ramly today testified in her former boss Zahid’s trial over alleged criminal breach of trust, corruption and money laundering.

Mazlina said that she recalled Zahid telling her in 2016 in the Home Ministry’s office to stop using cheques from Yayasan Akalbudi’s account to pay for his personal credit card bills, as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was investigating the matter.

“The last time I used Yayasan Akalbudi’s cheques to pay credit cards was in early 2016. As far as I remember, at that time, Datuk Seri ordered me not to use Yayasan Akalbudi cheques anymore to pay for credit cards as it was said that the MACC has started conducting investigations.


Our comment

So often the mighty are brought down by the humble truth from those they got used to treating as doormats along the way.

From the leader of UMNO’s lowly secretary we now know that he knew perfectly well from his own mouth that raiding a ‘foundation’ funded by ‘donations’ from businessmen seeking favours to pay off his credit cards was wrong.

The moment he knew the MACC was investigating he told her to stop using open cheques from the ‘foundation’ signed off by him and to pay off the credit cards with bags of cash instead!

Sadly, 60 years of untrammelled power and so many opportunities to abuse it have allowed this UMNO party to descend into a criminal organisation as the trials of its past and present leader have exposed plainly to the public.

Yet, UMNO allow them to remain in office and remain as representatives, along with so many other exposed crooks within their ranks.

At the same time their members have seen fit to go around claiming that the two years in which they were out of office (hands pulled out of the cookie jars for so short a while) have allowed UMNO to ‘clean’ their party!

There has not been a single expulsion or a single word of criticism by UMNO against its crooked MPs. So take it from the facts – this party is still a criminal organisation of lying crooks.

They lost the election so they seized back control by a coup in order to continue their criminal activities and although they preach racist policies they serve no one but themselves.

A 'New Deal' From Old Crooks?

The head of the Sabah chapters of BN and Umno Bung Moktar Radin today reasserted his authority over the coalition by declaring that he “runs the game” in Sabah.

“Sabah’s people run the game. I run the game (in Sabah),” said Bung when interviewed by CNA in Parliament today.

Yesterday, national BN head Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Bung will lead the coalition’s election campaign in Sabah and that the latter will also choose the coalition’s chief minister nominee.

This led to protests by some Sabah Umno grassroots, including party supreme council member Abdul Rahman Dahlan who called Zahid’s move “suicidal” because Bung was facing a criminal trial.

Bung was coy when asked if he was BN’s nominee for chief minister…… [and] Bung was coy about BN’s strategy for the upcoming election but promised that Sabah would be offered “a new deal”.

“Many issues actually. Cannot say it now. It is part of my strategy. You just wait and see.

“We will launch our manifesto and our new deal for Sabah,” he said.

Our comment

Having bought over enough political ‘frogs’ to destabilise the Sabah state government PN has found they triggered an election instead.

This was not the game plan, so no wonder they are ‘coy’. After all their appointed election supremo (Bonkers Bung Moktar) has to spend half his time in court on corruption charges, whilst Musa Aman who led the attempted coup had his own multi-million dollar charges dropped only on the less than convincing excuse that evidence had become ‘outdated’ and ‘no longer obtainable’.

This is untrue, since Sarawak Report has all the documents the prosecutors could ever need and so do the Swiss investigators who have been prosecuting UBS bank for laundering his assets.

UMNO/BN/PN’s biggest hope is that they previously chopped 13 new constituencies out of their strongest areas with the plain objective of cheating a doubling of their vote.

They now need to convince these former trusty voters that this bunch of old crooks, voted out after years of looting and abuse of power will (after attempting a backdoor coup and bribing MPs) come back with a “New Deal” to offer to the people.

Details to be provided after the election?

There are various proverbs: ‘A Leopard Doesn’t Change Its Spots” is one. Another is ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks” and yet another is ‘Once A Thief Always A Thief’.

Those voters stand warned!