Najib Lied Over 1MDB, Who Expects Him To Shut Up Now?


Xavier Justo this is a Swiss citizen.

He was once adopted by his friend to work as a director at PetroSaudi company who used to be a business equal to 1 MDB from 2009 to 2011.
PetroSaudi company owned by Turkish prince bin Abdullah Al Saud who is the 7th prince to the late Saudi king, King Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Saud.
However, Justo was sacked by his friend from PetroSaudi company for personal reasons.
Justo is not satisfied with being fired. When he was fired, he stole the entire email database of PetroSaudi companies.
Then a United Kingdom citizen named Kamal Sidiqqqi connected to Xavier Justo so that He could sell his stolen PetroSaudi data to Clare Brown from Sarawak Report.

Kamal Sidiqqi is Mahathir’s meeting friend from the past. Even Tun Mahathir’s house lift installed Kamal….

After PH won the GE14, Justo continued to move to Malaysia and was repeated as a hero and given some honor by the PH government.

However when the case reaches court, not one piece of 230,000 email with 17,000 documents stolen Justo used by the prosecutor as court evidence against me.
Justo is also not called a prosecutor witness.
Because in those emails there is no evidence that shows me guilty or conspiring to cheat / steal 1 MDB money.
Instead, Justo’s stolen emails can prove I wasn’t involved in any irregularities and alleged fraud.
The Edge once uploaded an email showing that PetroSaudi management with Jho Low colluded to hide information from me.

“As an email between Mahony and Obaid reveals, they were exchanging ideas on how to explain the situation to Najib. It was decided that they would hide from him the fact that 1MDB would have to take a US$500 million loss. Instead, they would impress upon Najib how important it was for 1MDB to quickly invest another US$500 million with them.”

Our comment

So! Najib reckons he has proof that shows he was thick and stupid rather than complicit after all!

Sarawak Report begs to suggest that Najib is in fact both complicit and pretty stupid – the criminal who got caught. If Jho Low and Mahony thought they could play games behind his back as they all stole billions it does not make Najib innocent.

Najib’s legal guru (whom he once paid RM9.5 million out of the billion dollars stolen from 1MDB that was channelled into his own account) is presently struggling to pull together an appeal case against one of the most solid, extensive and comprehensive judgements ever produced in a Malaysian court.  This gambit is unlikely to be the Hail Mary solution to upturn the case.

The judge finds Najib guilty in the SRC case based on copious original documents, evidence and witness statements.  Indeed, why would a Prime Minister appoint himself Finance Minister and then race to set up a public fund, take full control of all decisions, rush to borrow money, then invest it in a shell company that loses it all for the money only to turn up in the PM’s personal account? Why, if this is because he was ‘tricked’ by a twenty something advisor, did the PM then seek to cover up what happened and threaten those who published the truth about the thefts he now admits took place?

Yet, seeking as he does day in and out to come up with any sort of excuse to blame others for the money he stole, Najib is now seeking to put out a latest lament on Facebook claiming that because second hand evidence which formed some of the information used by Sarawak Report in exposing what had happened was not introduced in court – why bother when investigators had the actual records straight from the company and the bank?

Najib appears to suggest that because the company PetroSaudi was owned by Prince Turki (who in fact scrambled to get rid of his 50% share after the s**t started to hit the fan in 2014) there could have been no wrongdoing by Najib. Likewise, he suggests that Sarawak Report was “biased” to publish the smoking gun information so he must be innocent (Sarawak Report acknowledges bias against corruption and kleptocracy).

The moaning convict then complains that Justo who obtained the documents is to blame and alleges he is of uncertain character for doing so – fine one to judge. And so it goes on.

The end point that Najib seeks to make is that deep down in the PetroSaudi data, which Justo provided to Sarawak Report having first tipped off a Malaysian car manufacturer he met through PetroSaudi’s dalliance with Formula 1 (using 1MDB money) is some email information that he suggests will let him off the hook. This, he claims is why it was not relied on in court or by the FBI, instead of the real reason which is that it is secondary and not primary evidence.

Also, Najib doesn’t like the car manufacturer whom he blames for wasting Malaysian public money HE invested (although he blames his ex-boss Mahathir of course).

So, let’s be clear. Sarawak Report has extensively reviewed the relevant emails in the PetroSaudi database dealing with 1MDB. They relate to the period 2009-2011 and therefore have no bearing on the SRC case which was the subject of this particular trial (another reason the material was considered irrelevant and unnecessary to his case).

There is nothing in them that exonerates Najib who is described by Jho Low as the Big Boss in his dealings with PetroSaudi. What the emails do show is that Jho Low was up to his neck in managing the deals for 1MDB and that he was using authority given to him by Najib. It shows he had constant access to Najib and spent a lot of time trying to butter him up and help him and lavish attention on his wife. All this was something Najib was denying at the time and denied afterwards as he sought to cover matters up, right till the moment of the trial.

Given the damning evidence Najib’s only hope of reversing his conviction is political. A deal arrived at with a government that relies on his tacky vote in Parliament to keep in power. That would mean putting disgraceful pressure on the judiciary (something Najib record shows he knows a thing or two about) or twisting the arm of his friend the King, who happens to be his local Sultan and family friend.

The Facebook moaning is therefore plainly Najib’s attempt at window dressing what he must hope will be this very outcome.

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