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Your EPF, Or His?

“Prime Minister Moo has gone on public record as saying that if the “government” allows people to withdraw their money from the EPF they “will face bigger problems in the future” Such as? Permanent dictatorship by PN, with top level support?
If people withdraw money they have saved, as they are entitled to do; could it be that they think money will be worthless in future with PN in control and busy stealing anything they can lay their hands on?

If so who can blame them. PN have not tried to hide that they are an illegal government, illegally installed with top level complicity.  They have tried, and so far failed, to instal a dictatorship by emergency law and can be expected to try again. How else to avoid a Budget session of Parliament which will expose their crimes and the criminal support they have received in committing them?

That remains to be seen but with evident support in the background it is certain that more attempts will be made to keep them in illegally granted power. The role of their backers is still to receive public attention but it cannot, and will not, be hidden for ever. Money talks as the proverb goes and its crooked voice will soon be heard.


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