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Wants A General Election?

Some politicians have been suggesting that royally appointed PM Moo wants a general election! While there are still public funds to be raised? Having pushed a Budget that will, among other goodies, profit his royal masters? What nonsense!

A general election is the last thing he wants as witness his recent racist calls for the Malay community to govern in perpetuity. These last no doubt payback for support from the highest quarters and also a slavish and totally undemocratic appeal for political support on purely racist grounds.

Even if Moo is incapable of understanding democracy his recent calls for Malaysia to be dominated by one community on racial grounds is as undemocratic as his position as Prime Minister. Wanted by no-one, except a greedy few, his gifted position has clearly gone to his head.

It is hard to believe that Moo actually expects to be victorious in a general election now that his status as a compliant puppet of unelected royal backers is clear to all. Hence his latest calls for all Malay voters to support a racist political party to preserve interests that have not been earned nor can be in any way justified.

One is forced to wonder why he stops there.  Why not deprive the right to vote from anyone who disagrees with him? Indeed why voting at all? Moo and his royal backers are clearly the best placed to do what benefits their community. Or at least them personally. So no more of this democratic nonsense. Just do what Moo and his puppet masters tell you.

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