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"UMNO Fights For The People"

This according to an UMNO member of Parliament. That’s nice to know. Up to now most people thought that UMNO leaders fought for the biggest possible share of public money. Remember Najib? UMNO boss. Or Zahid, his UMNO sidekick and current “President”?  They seem to have done a lot of fighting for themselves and nothing for the people.

In fact in present day Malaysia most prominent people seem to be fighting for their personal interests and that includes the highest placed of all. Take Moo for instance.  Elevated to Prime Minster when no one, except his puppet masters, wanted him for the job. Since then he has brought shame and derision on himself by a series of increasingly erratic and immoral decisions. Or are we being unfair? Is he just the booby that he has always seemed to be. The plaything of a regional master? Even if that is so it does not make him the less dangerous to democracy.

Of course Moo is not, at least openly, a member of UMNO “fighting for the people”. He and his sidekick Azmin Ali theoretically have a party of their own, whose Assembly members were elected to throw Najib’s UMNO in the dustbin. Any self respecting frog would indignantly refuse to be identified as a politician.

So carry on fighting as you have been for sixty plus years; for yourselves..

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