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Tangled Wording Tangled Thought

The IGP is widely reported as being of the opinion that photographing or otherwise recording the actions of police officers while on duty can “raise defamations and disturb investigations”.
Can he be unaware that the public pay for the police force, including his own not ungenerous salary, and have a right to know how their money is being spent?  Obstructing the police while in the execution of their duty is another matter and the law provides for dealing with it. But photographing or recording? He ought to be happy that the taxpayers are taking an interest in how he and the members of his Force are earning their salaries. Or not, as the case may be.

What seems to be troubling the top cop is a possibility that illegal or otherwise improper actions by those under his command may receive public notice. That ought to please him; not worry him. Every barrel has bad apples and the sooner they are thrown out the better for the rest of us.

Referring to what he is reported to have described as “irresponsible acts” that might lead to an assumption that “the police oppressed the public”. Yes indeed it might but only if the acts in question were “irresponsible”. If taking a photograph of public servants doing what they are paid to do is irresponsible then breathing is also and the IGP should take his own advice.And stop

Everyone, and that must include the IGP, is aware that Malaysia is currently under the control of a backdoor government enjoying support at the highest levels. So it is both right and permissible to point that out as it is to record how the publicly paid Police Force is or is not performing its duties properly.

Most police forces have professional public relations officers to present their activities to the voters in the best possible light. It seems to be time that the IGP stopped being a PR outlet for the PDRM and got someone qualified to do the job.


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