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So It's All Your Fault!

It takes a genius to discover who is responsible for the current political crisis. Fortunately Malaysia has one in the shape of  UMNO supreme council member Zahidi Zainul Abidin. He has just announced to anyone who will listen that the responsible party is YOU the voter at  the 2018 general election.

It might take another genius to follow that line of reasoning but perhaps what he actually meant was that if mega crook Najib and UMNO had won rather than lost the current political problems might not exist. Sagacious and far seeing observation!  Malaysians are lucky to have so profound a political thinker among their “leaders”

So if it really is the voters which are the guilty party, and not Moo or backstairs Azmin.  What can be done to correct matters? Abolish elections and have the Moo gang in power for ever? Or other equally absurd suggestions? Dont rush to offer them. Zahidi will surely come up with the solution soon!

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