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Smash And Grab

A term usually applied to criminals forcibly attacking a high value shop and making off with whatever they can steal on the spot. So it would be somewhat inappropriate to describe the PN “government” in those terms. Steal and conceal might be nearer the mark so it is disappointing to see the Agong praising the PN budget and, by implication, showing approval of his choice of Moo as Prime Minister. Moo who did not get a single vote in the person to person polling exercise carried out by the Agong himself to find a replacement for the “resigned” Doctor..

Even the most fervent supporter of a reversion to rule by royal decree, as opposed to by democratically elected representatives, might find it difficult to justify the choice of Moo. That of course, would be to overlook Moo!s status as most favoured person in Johore, his native State. And of the “coalition of three”, Pahang, Johore and Selangor, who were overruled by the rest of their royal co-adjutors, when an attempt was made to let PN rule by emergency decree.

It is perhaps time to enquire of Malaysian citizens whether they want rule by democratically elected governments or by the whim of a handful whose only claim is to be descended from various pirates from Sulawesi who grabbed and held on to sovereignty. That is, or should be, all in the past. The concept of absolute monarchy was beheaded in Whitehall some centuries ago and to try to revive it in Malaysia is as stupid as it is dishonourable.

The only fair solution to this manufactured political crisis is a reference back to the voters. Malaysia is after all still a parliamentary democracy? Or is it?

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