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No Support

Loudmouthed convicted criminal Najib Razak is at it again despite having lost his Assembly seat. A fact that seems to have escapedĀ  the PN Speaker’s notice.

The Constitution is crystal clear on the point and if the Speaker lacks the legal skills to interpret it there is a PN Attorney General who surely must be able to undertake so simpleĀ  a task. Or are these two brothers equally impeded?

To save time and any prevarication about pending appeals there is nothing in the relevant section of the Constitution about appeals. If sentenced to more than two years imprisonment an individual’s Assembly membership is AUTOMATICALLY terminated.

PN and its highly placed backers are all for the Constitution when it allows the appointment as Prime Minster of someone who caught no one’s eye, except it seems the Agong’s, but are less interested in other constitutional matters such as the illegal presence of a convicted criminal on its benches in the Assembly.

Could that have anything to do with a theoretical majority of one?

Do PN have any comment or explanation for their continual breach of the Constitution? Or do they just not care when the law is against them so long as they have top level backing?

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