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No More Frogging?

It is interesting, and most unusual, to find a politician, and a Malaysian one at that, advocating the banning of this practice which has been so profitable for the political class in that country over the years. Very many politicians appear to see selling their allegiance as a right, a pension even, if the need for their vote is so pressing.

As a moral issue such behaviour is clearly unacceptable but those who follow a political career for what they personally can get out of it are unlikely to be disturbed by moral considerations. The suckers voted for me because I came wrapped in the party flag and I am fully entitled to sell them out if the price is right.

In more sophisticated democracies this kind of behaviour, rare though it is, spells the end of a political career rather than, as in Malaysia, the road to a ministerial chair. So the lady is right. Frogging should be banned. The problem will be to find enough politicians to vote for that!

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