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Imagine That! Emergency!

If you are not quite sure what emergency just ask your PN Assembly member. If he too is unsure perhaps ‘PM8′, or even the Agong, could explain it to you. It surely cant be Covid which has been around, ignored by Cabinet ministers, for months. So what on earth can it be?

Simple answer. A PN government, installed in power by gross misuse of the prerogative and kept there by the same means has to face possible defeat, and loss of office, at the coming session of the Assembly. What to do? Well there is always the declaration of a State of Emergency. Though it is doubtful if that could be attributed to Covid. Maybe a threat of invasion from China? Or of little men from the Moon?

No it is all much simpler. Moo and his gang of crooks, installed in office by misuse of constitutional power, face possible defeat and loss of office. They retain power only because the convicted kleptocrat Najib still sits as a member when the Constitution provides that he is no longer a Member. PH should file a motion for a declaration that Najib has ceased to be a member and see how tricky Art reacts to that. No Najib. No PN majority, no more Moo. And about time for a proper democratic clean out and adherence to the Constitution by everyone in Malaysia. And that means everyone.

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