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Gone Nuts?

In a public statement royal puppet Muhyiddin has claimed that “divine will” had brought together three main Muslim political parties in Malaysia. That’s good. So Malaysians will no longer have to bother with all that democratic nonsense about elections and how their taxes are spent. Divine oversight will take care of all that; perhaps with ‘PM8′ and his royal backers providing any necessary interpretation of divine instructions.

Malaysians will be forced to wonder if these pronouncements by Moo are the result of divine communication with him or if they represent instructions received from closer to home?  Johore or Pahang perhaps. It has been a feature in past centuries that earthly rulers call in aid heavenly support when they feel that their pronouncements and actions are not receiving popular approval. The current actions of Moo and his royal instructors remind one of an earlier incident in history when a bishop, asked how God’s enemies could be distinguished replied. “Kill them all. God will know his own”

Much the same sort of thing is now being touted by Moo and his instructors. If one Malaysian community happens to be numerically superior to others then it can do what it likes, or rather what its redundant royal bosses think it should do. Apart, of course, from voting to spend huge sums of public money on projects, such as more, and totally unnecessary, power generation stations.

It will, of course, all end in tears. The suppression of communist dictatorship in the then Malaya was not intended to be the road to an equally oppressive and discriminatory Malay one.

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