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General Election. Now

The main question. The only one of real importance is what do the voters think about the PN coup plotters and the boobies on the PH side who caused this situation?

Clearly ‘Moo’ and his fellow plotters have no stomach for an election. Why let the people choose when there are still government funds to be stolen, contracts to be given to highly placed backers and all the rest. If they really thought that all Malays would vote for them on racial grounds they would have called an election already. Many Malays voted for PH at the last election because they were tired of the endless corruption of their leaders; headed by convicted criminal Najib.

PH ought to have got the message and dealt with the whole corrupted atmosphere which had pervaded Malaysia almost since its foundation. But personal pride in key places and a baseless belief in their abilities ensured that everything was as before. As it is now with royally appointed puppet Moo.

So whither Malaysia? The only answer lies with the voters. Do they want crooks, backed by royal authority, or do they want  government by honest men. Let them choose!

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