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From Defence To Money

BN politician and former defence chief Hshamuddin is reported as saying that PN Assembly members are discussing whether “there is a need for Muhyiddin to “step down”. If so that should not take more than five minutes to settle. Denied a state of emergency by the very person who appointed him as Prime Minister any normal politician, or man for that matter, should have resigned by now.

Given the gap between PN and UMNO it is no surprise that a prominent UMNO supporter should be stirring the pot. And given the close relationship between Hish and mega criminal Najib moves may be underway to alter the leadership arrangements of UMNO.
Such changes may in any case become inevitable after Zahid’s trial is over.

Whatever the eventual outcome some PN “leaders” will be eyeing new jobs if, as he ought to, Moo resigns. Expect the auction to open soon.

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