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Free Travel

Eminence gris, or Machiavelli if preferred, of the PN coup and, as a result, “Senior Minister”, Azmn Ali finds himself in court for non-payment of bills from the travel agency he has employed to arrange travel. The claim also includes bills for travel, equally unpaid, by his children.

People who don’t pay what they owe are usually regarded as undesirable and normally find difficulties in getting credit for future expenditures, as well as being regarded as cheats. The public will see what comes out of this court action and make their own judgment about the “minister”. That judgment is not likely to be favourable in the light of Azmin’s blatant betrayal of those who elected him to the Assembly.

Furthermore the public are entitled to know why it is that a “senior minister” in the coup government does not honour obligations he has entered into. Does that, for example, mean that any political commitment he has, or may in future, enter into will also be disregarded?

What’s more, the astonishing size of the Azmin family’s travel expenses reveal a life of ostentation that a public official’s salary would not normally sustain. So far, no explanations have been forthcoming.

What has Moo to say about this conduct of his closest political associate.? Can all be forgiven by one defector to another?

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