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Explanation Needed

Enough time has passed for even the most crowded of Court calendars to find time to hear the appeal lodged by mega criminal Najib against hs conviction. Yet no date has been fixed and announced for those proceedings. Why not?

If the calendar of the Court of Appeal is so crowded why is it not hearing cases on a daily basis? The “cover all” excuse of Covid does not apply here since there is no need for anyone apart from the appellant and his lawyer(s) to be present physically at the hearing.

The likely excuse of pressure of business should have no traction here. Malaysia has the spectacle of a former Prime Minister convicted of major crime on bail and lording it around as though he was a respectable citizen rather than a convicted mega criminal. Not just that but of a government openly conniving at his remaining in the Assembly selely on the basis that his appeal has not been heard and determined.

In this case the the wheels of justice have not merely ground slowly but to a halt. If the Court of Areal cannot hear this case without any further delay what justification is there for paying the salaries etc of its members? Or that of the Chief Justice for that matter who is ultimately responsible for all Courts.

Let us hear the explanation of those responsible. Or accept their resignations without pension entitlement.

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