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Democracy Is Not Just A Word

The blatant abuse of parliamentary procedure by the PN government, supported enthusiastically by the “Speaker”, is said to have “passed” the Budget. In a parliamentary democracy, which Malaysia has ceased to be, such an important measure must receive majority support in a formal vote by the Assembly. This it did not have but none the less was declared to have passed.

It appears to be time for Malaysia to cease pretending to be a parliamentary democracy and admit that it is what it s. A corrupt society in which the main determining factor, apart from race, is money and how it is applied to govern the country. It is also time for the British government to condemn the behaviour of the PN “government” and expel Malaysia from the Commonwealth, as Pakistan was once expelled.

Whether Malaysia ever again conforms to the rule of law and government by democratic decision seems doubtful since many of its politicians are for hire when the price is right and its Constitution is a joke, to be ignored or twisted as occasion requires.

Democracy is not just a word. To survive it requires honest governance and true freedom of expression. Who can point to many examples of States so governed. Very few and certainly not Malaysia.

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